Agnes Water Lifting


Manitou MT1440 E3

Capacity to lift 4000 kg's and 14m high.

Attachments and possible uses

1. Forklift carriage - Standard equipment.

-Loading / Unloading trucks

-Relocation of pallet / skid mounted equipment

- Move and lift roof sheeting and tiles into place safely

- Lifting garage roller doors into place

2. Man cage (EWP) - Two person with harnesses and approved attachment points.

- Trimming trees / Removal of coconuts

- Air Conditioner installations

- Light bulb replacement on high poles

- Painting at heights / under eaves

- Clearing of gutters

3. Extended JIB - 2.5m with 4000kg and 1200kg lift points.

- Slinging loads not on pallets

- Positioning roof trusses

4. Bucket - 2.4m for re-worked material.

- Moving sand / soil / mulch to where it is needed

Other equipment available as required

Spreader bar

2 & 4 legged chains

Selection of soft slings

Cage harness and other PPE

Shackles and lugs

Sheet metal lifters


  1. Can I dry hire this equipment ? In short, No. Due to high risks and even higher bills and liability levels,  we need to know everything this machine does to ensure it's ability to perform in the future.
  2. Is there a minimum charge ? Yes, 2 hours from depot to depot.
  3. Why 2 hours ? Because it takes a lot to prepare this machine for work every time it leaves the depot. Pre-start checks and lubrication is a necessary part of utilising lifting equipment.
  4. Why do you charge from depot to depot ? Because the costs start from when the machine starts moving.