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The premium pool chemical suppliers in QLD. Aquatic Elements is a company with extensive knowledge & understanding of the QLD swimming pool & spa markets, Aquatic Elements give a service that enables me to better serve our clients needs.



Backing Aquatic Elements is International Quadratics. If it's anything to do with the swimming pool industry, IQ are there.

For a large range of anything pool, click the link below.



Olsson's Premium Fast Dissolving pool salt is the best I have found. Generally will dissolve before hitting the bottom, and requires little or no brushing. This is the only salt we stock.

20kg bags / 64 bags to the pallet.

Chemical Products, SDS & Dosage.


Keeping a pool in peak condition requires certain chemicals to suit your pool or spa needs.

Click on the link below to view the range of chemicals, dosage rates and SDS's (old MSDS or Safety Data Sheets).

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Spa's have their own particular needs when it comes to chemicals. IQ have a extensive range of spa products that will ensure a sparkling clean spa all year round.

Be sure to check out the *NEW* IQ THERALUX SPA SHOCK & SANITISER. This is a truly amazing product from IQ.

Theralux & Mineral Pools


More and more people are installing and converting their pools to a "Mineral Pool".

The Romans saw the benefits of mineral pools in Bath, UK many centuries ago, and now you can have a "Mineral Pool" as your very own