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AOP - Advanced Oxidation Process



Theralux Quantum AOP is brand new technology to the swimming pool industry with the benefit of being used and approved by high profile industries such as hospitals and drinking water purification companies.

A photocatalytic oxidiser, known by scientists as “Nature’s Silver Bullet,” neutralises what chlorine, Ozone and conventional UV sterilisers cannot and achieves exponential reductions in unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses.

Theralux Quantum AOP uses new Nano Crystal Technology: a prime focus of the science world today; possessing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water without the use of chemicals. One of the many benefits of Theralux Quantum AOP is the significant reduction of residual chemicals, such as Chlorine, Bromine or Hydrogen Peroxide.

Features & Benefits

- Combined photocatalytic & Hydroxyl Radical technology: most powerful, proven oxidiser

- Only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens and viruses found in water that even chlorine and other treatments cannot touch, including Naegleria Fowleri and Adenovirus

- Two power options: 

​55 Watts for flow rates up to 14m³/hour (65,000 litres of pool volume) 

110 Watts for flow rates up to 28m³/hour (130,000 litres of pool volume)

- Ensures a significant reduction in chemical consumption

- Reaction is contained within the chamber releasing only pure, fresh water

- Comes pre-assembled with all necessary sensors and control components

- Ultimate sterilisation without compromise to health; eliminates sore eyes, itchy skin, discoloured hair, strong odours whilst creating no risk to the health of pool users- Sea water compatible

- 14,000-hour lamp life

- All Quantum units are supplied complete with flow switch and lamp life indicator and reset switch.

- 3 Year Warranty


Built to be installed easily into an existing set-up, the Theralux Quantum AOP is completely safe and significantly more powerful than Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide, UV or Ozone. 

Photocatalytic Oxidisation has an immensely powerful effect with the ability to instantaneously destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and more astoundingly possessing the ability to convert sun tan oil, urea and other contaminants back in to their harmless molecular form. 

Meticulously designed, Theralux is delivering the first cost-effective, photocatalytic oxidiser specifically for the swimming pool industry, for a toxic free swimming sensation. Not only does it eliminate undesirable side-effects such as sore eyes, itchy dry skin, discoloured hair and strong odours, but it also makes water crystal clear, and most importantly it creates no risk to the lungs or health of bathers and swimming pool attendants.

All Theralux Quantum AOP units are supplied complete with flow switch and a lamp life indicator.


Reaction 1: Quantum Photocatalytic Oxidiser (PCO)

Quantum works in a similar way to a cars exhaust system, where a catalyst uses the combination of heat and Platinum coated baffles to convert the poisonous gases coming from the engine into carbon dioxide and water.

Quantum uses light as fuel to energise its sophisticated catalyst array, with rare elements including Anatase, Molybdenum and Platinum ceramic catalyst. The resulting reaction that takes place inside the Quantum has not only the power to consume any oils or organics present in the water, it also possesses the power to abundantly and momentarily split the water molecules into what are called Hydroxyl Radicals. The combination of effects equip Quantum with far more power to purify water than a chemical oxidising agent, such as chlorine or bromine.

Reaction 2: Hydroxyl Radicals (HO)

Hydroxyl Radicals are essentially a water molecule with a hydrogen atom removed, and a highly reactive, unpaired electron, caused by the PCO reaction, disturbing the electrons and forming holes in the valance brand of the atom.

The exceptionally mobile molecules that fill the reaction chamber are highly volatile and able to destroy everything in their path. Once the Hydroxyl Radical has reacted with the pollutant it converts itself back into water.

It’s true that Hydroxyl Radicals can be made in many ways, however instead of using more chemicals that are damaging to health, the Quantum utilises photocatalytic oxidisation. This is the safest and most effective method against pollutants.

The Quantum, uses the following features so you can sit back and relax:


  • Flow Switch: The dosing will only be started when there is a consistent water flow being delivered to the unit.
  • Analogue Lamp Life Indicator & Reset Switch


The Quantum can be easily installed into your new or existing pool system. Compared to other products in the market, Quantum offers superior performance at reduced levels of power consumption.

Single tube (55w input) for up to 65,000 litres of swimming pool water.

Double tube (110w input) for up to 130,000 litres of swimming pool water.

Installation is quick and easy using the pre-assembled threaded unions.

The Quantum is integrated with all controls, a flow switch and a lamp life indicator. Ensuring the pool owner has peace of mind,, that they are choosing a natural,effective sanitiser that once installed requires no further maintenance.