QLD Pool Safety Inspections & Consulting


QLD Pool Safety Inspections

The Queensland Government has introduced legislation requiring certain pools & spa's to be certified as compliant. These are:

  • Shared pools i.e. Body Corporate / Hotels / Resorts / Backpackers. Required every year.
  • Rental or leased properties that contain a pool or spa that is not shared. Required every 2 years.
  • Residential pools & spa's when you are selling your property that has a pool or spa, Certificate is valid for 2 year
  • Buyers of a property that has / had a Form 36 attached. The buyer has 90 days to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate from settlement date.

QLD Pool Safety Inspections & Consulting will work with buyers of properties to ensure you are aware of all pool safety matters prior to your purchase. Making a pool compliant within 90 days of settlement can mean a hefty bill that you should be aware of when negotiating a purchase figure. After purchase I can then issue a Pool Safety Certificate if all areas comply.

To start with, you must ensure your pool is registered on the QLD Pool Register. Every pool & spa must be registered before an inspection can proceed. This must be done by the property owner.

The QBCC Pool Safety Checklist link will assist you greatly in identifying if your pool is compliant. This link will in no way ensure compliance, but it does cover the majority of the common areas pools & spa's fail to comply.

Costs for Inspections or Consultation:

One upfront fee includes initial inspection, and any subsequent re-inspection if required, a written report, and the issue of a Pool Safety Certificate (includes QLD Gov certificate - currently $38.10 + GST), or a notice of Non-Conformance if applicable.

Our inspection will be carried out in accordance and compliance with the Pool Safety Standard found in the Queensland Development Code – part MP3.4, Australian Standards 1926 – 2007 parts 1 & 2 and all other standards prescribed under the Building Act 1975 for ensuring the safety of persons using a regulated pool.

If the inspected pool or spa is Compliant
If the inspected pool or spa is deemed to be Compliant you will be issued with a Pool Safety Certificate – Form 23 within 2 business days and recorded on the Pool Safety Register. 

If the inspected pool in Non-Compliant
If the inspected pool is deemed to be Non-Compliant you will be issued with a Pool Safety Nonconformity Notice – Form 26. You will also be given an Inspection Report which will detail items (including photographic evidence) that have been determined to breach the current Pool Safety Standard and will require rectification within 90 days of the date on your Form 26. 
The Pool will also be registered as being Non-Compliant. Under current Legislation you must engage the re-inspection to be completed by the initial Licensed Inspector to receive your Pool Safety Certificate. You cannot engage another inspector without contacting the QBCC.

When all items have been rectified a re-inspection will be arranged, and a Pool Safety Certificate will be issued within 2 business days.

If you require further information, call Daren on 0413 894 650 and we will be happy to answer any questions