Main Suppliers List

Aquatic Elements


QLD based B2B wholesaler who fully understand the service small business require to succeed.

My major supplier who consistently deliver on competitive pricing and quality

Aqua Technics

Fibreglass pool shells in Agnes Water

Partnered with Aqua Technics as the value is easily recognised in their product. Based in WA, Aqua Technics has outgrown their market and making their way into the Eastern States based on a solid background of customer service and a quality product. Check out the range by clicking below.



Theralux is our preferred brand of pumps, filters, chlorinators and heaters due to their superior quality, competitive pricing and generous warranty.

Being recognised as a Theralux "Diamond Dealer" means I obtain the best pricing for all Theralux equipment, perform warranty work and carry a range of spares and replacement parts if ever required.

International Quadratics


B2B leading chemical and equipment supplier.

Great technical advice, and always willing to assist. 

Specialists in commercial equipment, whilst maintaining a strong focus on residential requirements.



Waterco have an extensive range of good quality pool equipment with great after sales service.

Davey Water Products


Davey is a leading supplier of everything pools.

Pumps, chlorinators, filters are all available from one of Australia's most trusted brands.

Instrument Choice


Instrument Choice is my choice for testing equipment and calibration solutions. Daniel is knowledgable in their range of products, and always willing to help with a technical question.

Total Eden


Pumps, pipes and fittings.

Great for irrigation supplies and the staff at Gladstone are very helpful. Call Matt with your requirements.

Australian Spa Parts


The leading Spa Parts & Equipment supplier in Australia. Stocking a full range of replacement equipment and based in Yeppoon, meaning a quick despatch with minimal disruption.

Olsson's Salt


Purely the best quality fine grained pool salt on the market. The only salt we will stock here.

Fast dissolving and low in iron and other unwanted elements. Superior in many ways.

Maytronics / Dolphin


Leading brand of robotic pool cleaners for residential and commercial pools.

I have the Maytronics Diagnosis tools, along with a range of spare parts to ensure maintenance and warranty work can be performed locally with minimal disruption to my clients.

Aussie Chlorinators


Aussie Chlorinators are manufactured at Woodford QLD and are a B2B manufacturer.

Offering a range of chlorinators that have a industry leading 4 year / 10,000hour warranty on all chlorinators, residential or commercial.